Recently our youth groups Mobilise and Move youth groups are meeting regularly on Zoom. 

For the summer holidays, the youth work is taking a break and will be back in September.

Please contact admin@kingscc.org if you would like more details. 


In normal times this is what our Youth work usually looks like. 

At present, we have three groups that cater for our 11-18’s.


We meet during the second half of the main meeting to look at the bible, and how we can apply it to our lives.


Each week our Year 6 - Year 9's meet to have fun, activities, games and a short discussion time based on bible themes.

This group starts at 7pm and finishes at 8.30pm, and is normally held at the Hub, 2 Market Street, Cockermouth, CA13 9NJ.

For more info, please contact admin@kingscc.org


We meet at a home for a meal and bible based discussion with our year 10-13's.

If you need more information as to where and when the group is meeting, please contact admin@kingscc.org


Amplify meets on every other Friday afternoon and evenings at the Hub.


Amplify is a youth drop-in for secondary school aged young people run by Kings Church, Cockermouth, Network Youth Church, CTICA and is funded by grants from the Cumbria County Council.


From 4-6pm, there are free bacon rolls and soup available with board games, air hockey, table football and space to hang out.


From 7-9pm, chill out with the Xbox, PS4, and table top games.


A tuck shop is available at both sessions.

For more info and dates, contact admin@kingscc.org


Each year we take a group of our young people to the Newday event in Norfolk. 

Newday is one of the largest Christian events for young people that takes place in the UK every year. Young people age 12-18 join together with youth leaders and team members from churches up and down the UK and Europe to learn about and worship God, camp out together and soak in the summer festival feeling, leaving Newday further along in their relationship with Jesus

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