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King's Church Cockermouth is part of a much wider family of Churches, both here in the UK and increasingly abroad. We believe that it is important for us to be involved with the wider church, and that we receive input and fellowship with apostolic teams that bring us direction and encouragement.


We are part of the Newfrontiers family of Churches, which was started by Terry Virgo in a church on the south coast in the 70's, and has spread across all the continents. Newfrontiers hosted the Stoneleigh Bible Weeks and the Brighton International Leaders Conferences.

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Several years ago, Newfrontiers released new apostles to create their own spheres of influence, and ChristCentral was born. Led by Jeremy Simpkins, ChristCentral hosts the Devoted event in August each year. We now have over 80 churches in the UK, as well as partnering with other Apostolic teams in Mexico, Canada, Sweden & Norway, Zambia and Cambodia, and a growing presence in other parts of the World.



King's now has active and living links to 11 other ChristCentral churches across Cumbria, and we support and work with churches in Canada, Mexico, Sweden and Norway. We have planted a church into Whitehaven, Grace Church, which has now grown to be a church in its own right!

In addition, we love the local church setting, and are active members of Churches Together in the Cockermouth Area (CTICA), encouraging, praying with and supporting other churches in Cockermouth and the surrounding villages to see our communities being changed by the gospel.

King's is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

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Churches Together in the Cockermouth Are
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