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On Sunday mornings, the whole church family meets together for worship and then the children aged 3-11 go out to their own group called 'Adventurers' whilst the adults listen to the sermon.

Adventurers aims to bring our children into a closer relationship with God, teaching them to be disciples and fulfill all God has for them.

The children then return to their parents to take part in the worship and response at the end of the service.

There is more information about our children's groups below, if you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact:

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For our 6 mths - 2 yrs we have a safe area at the back of main meeting with age appropriate toys and books to keep your little ones occupied and happy. Parents/carers are asked to sit with their children whilst also being able to hear what is being said. 


The 'Adventurers' leave just before the sermon begins and are dropped off by their parents to the 'Adventurers' room, where the children play a game altogether. They are then read a Bible story. The children then break into age groups to discuss the story, look at what it would have meant in Bible times, what it tells us about God and then look at how we can apply it today to our everyday lives. The children also learn a memory verse each week.

There are two age groups, 3year olds to school year 3 and the older group is school years 4,5,and 6. 

Each group has age-appropriate teaching and activities.

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