As world leaders meet to discuss the global climate crisis, we wanted to offer you a number of useful links and resources that might help you think about the issues we face at this time.

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Kings Church Cockermouth - David Stephen

Loads of information, including an A-Z of what can be recycled where, how to get discounted composters (garden and uncooked veg/fruit scraps), discounted food digesters (general food waste including cooked), how to stop addressed and unaddressed junk mail, get vouchers towards reusable nappies etc.


Article with tips on how to reduce plastic waste

Recipes - Love Food Hate Waste

Hints and tips on how to reduce food waste, including recipesRecipes | Love Food Hate Waste

United Utilities - Get Water Fit

Section on how to reduce your water (and therefore energy) use- including access to free gadgets to help you with this.

Living Lightly - Take Action 

A series of pages with ideas on transport, food, money, garden etc- often with useful links from Christian conservation charity Arocha.


Cumbria Action for Sustainability- includes loads of more local information, including how to get an energy audit done for your home, and possible access to grants etc for making your home warmer.

Ethical Consumer: the alternative consumer organisation

Gives ratings on a series of companies based on environmental performance and other issues

Energy Saving Trust

Information on how to save energy at home, also calculators and comparisons on different types of vehicles


Loads of information on how to travel across the world by train- alternatives to flying


See how green you are and what new steps you can take to be even greener in the garden with these eco-friendly garden tips

Suggested Books

Planetwise by Dave Bookless

I was in the act of throwing away my family's rubbish while holidaying on a beautiful island when I heard God speak. I could easily have missed it, but an inner whisper asked, "How do you think I feel about what you are doing to my world?"

Since the day God challenged him, Dave Bookless has been on a mission: to share with others the compelling biblical case for caring for the planet God made for his glory and his people's enjoyment.

This is not another book on green issues to make you feel guilty. The message is that there is hope. God can take your small and insignificant efforts and multiply them in his great plan.

Dave takes us right into the heart of his family and shows how living simply, besides honouring God, can be an exciting adventure.

Planet Protectors by Paul Kerensa

In a lively, entertaining style Ruth Valerio and Paul Kerensa offer 52 fantastic ideas for looking after the world - from cycling more and choosing fair-trade, to taking shorter showers and recycling. Children will love taking up a different challenge each week and be inspired to join the fight for the planet's future as they learn about why it is so important to care for the environment and God's creation.

With quirky illustrations perfect for colouring in throughout, Planet Protectors is an ideal book for 7- to 9-year-old children beginning to read independently. It is also a brilliant resource for parents and guardians to open up conversations with children about environmental sustainability, and for primary schools, Sunday schools and youth workers teaching about the environment.


Encourage and empower your children to see how they can make a difference and look after the world by becoming Planet Protectors.

planet protectors.jpg
A Life On Our Planet by David Attenborough

See the world. Then make it better.

'I am 94. I've had an extraordinary life. It's only now that I appreciate how extraordinary.
As a young man, I felt I was out there in the wild, experiencing the untouched natural world - but it was an illusion. The tragedy of our time has been happening all around us, barely noticeable from day to day - the loss of our planet's wild places, its biodiversity.
I have been witness to this decline. A Life on Our Planet is my witness statement, and my vision for the future. It is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake - and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.
We have one final chance to create the perfect home for ourselves and restore the wonderful world we inherited.'
All we need is the will to do so.'

david attenborough.jpg
Time to Act by Jeremy Williams

‘The climate crisis is the biggest issue facing humanity today. . . It is only together that we can make a difference.’ Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, Christian Aid 


Written by members and friends of Christian Climate Action, this stimulating resource book sets out the moral and religious case for joining the struggle against climate change. It reflects on the Christian tradition of non-violent direct action, and offers deeply moving testimonies by those engaged in such protests today, along with powerful sermons, prayers, liturgies and other spiritual resources. 


Now is the time to act! Don’t let it pass you by! ‘This is a landmark book. It is nothing short of an invitation to join the holy uprising of people sweeping the globe who will not be silent in the face of the destruction of God’s earth.’ Shane Claiborne, Red Letter Christians

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