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The vision of King's Church Cockermouth is to love Jesus and make Him known - we do this by:

Loving Jesus


Being secure in Christ


Knowing who we are individually


Church in the Community


Here we focus on how we impact our local community together, and we would like to introduce you to the many ways we currently serve the town and surrounding areas. These are activities you can get involved in through giving time, giving financially, and praying. 

Ultimately, we want all our activities to lead people to Jesus and His Kingdom. We can do this through demonstrations of God's love and power, giving us the opportunity to bring God's truth into peoples lives. 

The Parable of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13 v 31-32) shows how His Kingdom grows from small beginnings, and how it is so safe and secure that the birds of the air come to make nests. 

Our activities often have small beginnings, but through them, many people in the community find security and rest - what we do should be places of safety for many, even if they don't find faith in Jesus. But our prayer in that through clear demonstrations of the Love and Power of Jesus, many will find themselves in the Kingdom, being part of the adventure of life with Jesus.

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As a family church, we love having children and young people in our community. And we love working with them at various events we put on or attend to meet as many as possible.

Here are some of the ways we do this currently:

Adventurers: On Sunday mornings the children aged 3 to 11, go out to their own group called 'Adventurers' whilst the adults listen to the sermon.

Adventurers aims to bring our children into a closer relationship with God, teaching them to be disciples and fulfill all God has for them.

The children then return to their parents to take part in the worship and response at the end of the service.

Amplify:  Amplify is a youth drop in aimed at 11-18 year olds, and takes place every Friday during term time. Young people come straight from school or later in the evening (youth can drop in any time between 3:30pm - 8:00pm). They can play computer games, board games, do crafts or loads of other things, as well as getting a Friday evening snack (such as pizza or hotdogs).

Mobilise and Move: These 2 youth groups take place every Monday during term time from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Mobilise is for young people in school years 6-9 and has loads of fun and age appropriate teaching. Move is is for school years 10-13 and the young people begin the evening with the younger group doing crafts, games and fun and then move upstairs at the Hub for more in-depth discussion. 

Explorers: This group is for young people in school years 7-11 and meets every Sunday from 4:00pm - 5:00pm at the Hub in term time. The group meet to do a Bible study together and are currently looking at an overview of the Bible.


Cockermouth and it's surroundings areas has many socail issues that we can and do get involved with. The three biggest areas of concern are Older People (loneliness, dementia, illness etc); Young Families (housing, employment, debt and poverty); Young People (lack of resources, drugs, internet and gaming addictions). 

Bridge Cafe: The Bridge Cafe was born out of the 2015 flood, and now meets every Tuesday from 10:30am - 1:00pm and Friday at 10:30am to 1:00pm at the Cricket Club. It's a regular drop in venue for people who were flooded on the North Side of Cockermouth. 

MealShare: Working with FareShare, MealShare both creates meals and offer food to those who need it. It's a free service to anyone in need and works alongside Foodbank to relieve poverty and need in the community.

You can call the church office on 01900 821100 for details of any of these groups.


Alongside our normal weekly and monthly activities, we join in with as many town wide events as we can, both with the local churches, and alongside other agencies.


Churches Together in the Cockermouth Area (CTICA): We currently support CTICA in as many ways as possible, and see this as a great vehicle for speaking to the town together. We love working alongside other churches, with our different strengths and opportunities. 


Cockermouth Light Switch On: Each year in November, the town has its big Light Switch on celebration. We share with other churches in the URC car park, right on Main Street, offering lots of activities, puppets and carols for the town. 


North Lakes Half Marathon: We have supported this venture from the beginning in 2018, and we help marshal the course, run a hot soup and craft / entertainment marque and a children's race. The race is run in the memory of one of our church members. 

Good Friday: The churches have a walk of witness in the town, which is taking more of a dramatic element to tell the Easter Story. Kings' is taking more of a role in this along with other churches. 

Food Festival: Over the past few years, we have been able to offer children's activities in the marquee - but now we have The Hub, we can look at how to reach out to the community in new and exciting ways. 

Cockermouth Show: We have recently started working with other churches to host a stand at the show so that we can reach out to our local community. Where's Woolly proved to be a great opportunity to chat to many people. 


First of all Thank You for all you do! Kings' is happy to support and work alongside other agencies and churches. 

Food Bank: We actively support Food Bank in the town, and love to see it grow as it supports those in real emergency need, through 'Fill A Van' and the supermarket collection points.


West Cumbria Community Money Advice (WCCMA): Debt is an increasing problem in the county. WCCMA  is a charity free to the end user to help those with debt and help them manage their way out of it. 

Northern Inter School Christian Union (NISCU): Is a charity that we resource through people and money. There are 2 expressions of NISCU - the puppet teams go into the local primary schools, and another team in the secondary schools. 

Lake District Mobility: Help people with limited mobility to access the Lakes and surrounding countryside with their friends and family. They provide all terrain vehicles and other assistance to make the outdoors accessible. 

Cockermouth Emergency Response Group (CERG): During the 2009 and 2015 floods, Kings' along with other churches and organisations, was heavily involved in flood recovery around the time. CERG was born out of these emergencies. 

Linking Lives: Is a national charity aiming to support, contact and encourage those who are isolated for whatever reason, be that age, illness or other forms of  social isolation. This is achieved by both visiting and phone calls.


We want to continue to look for ways to reach out in new and innovative ideas. Many of the things we do have started with one person with a passion or vision to help in specific areas. If you have a burning passion to help groups of people, we'd love to support you. 

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