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Life@ King's - June 2020 (part 2)

Photo kindly given by Dave Stephenson

Life @ Kings - June 2020 (part 2)

Here is part 2 of the King's Church newsletter for June 2020. Please read below about some of things that have been happening through this month as well as information about events that are happening soon.

Making the most of Psalms… - Roger Bye We’ve started a new series preaching through some of the best known psalms. It will be exciting and challenging! Some psalms help us express what is going on in us and then lead us to fresh revelation of all that God is – His love, His Sovereignty, His power. Other psalms engage us from the first note in praise and thanks. Many psalms are rich in prophetic truth, fulfilled in Christ. This is why we see many references to the psalms in New Testament writings. The psalms were the hymnbook that Jesus and his first followers would have known by heart [NT Wright] So…how do we make the most of them? Psalm 1 is not only the first psalm. Some scholars would describe it as the ‘gateway’ psalm. A scene setter for what is to come. It equips us on how to read the rest… It encourages us to delight and meditate in all God has revealed... As we do so then …we will be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither – whatever they do prospers v3. An amazing promise of refreshment, fruit in its time and life that is constant!

Lets learn to meditate, contemplate, to delight in all that God has revealed through these amazing songs and poems.

Let’s engage with them and feed on them. Let’s let them shape our hearts and equip our lives in these times.

A Teacher's Perspective - Katie Lambert

I work in a local secondary school as Assistant Headteacher and SENCO. I am fortunate that I absolutely love my job! On Friday 20th March we closed our doors due to Covid -19. The last few days in school were strange, there were falling staff and student numbers and students who had been working so hard for their summer exams were suddenly told they wouldn’t be sitting any. We worked hard to give our year 11s a last minute send off - which has become a right of passage.

The following week remote learning kicked in and working from home became the new norm. My responsibilities include setting work and giving feedback, overseeing the support that students with special educational needs and disabilities receive and contributing to the ongoing plans for reopening. My husband is also a key worker who is working from home, we have had to adjust quickly so that we can both complete our work whilst looking after Hope, who is now 18 months old. This means splitting our days and finishing off after Hope goes to bed - it’s fair to say we are literally ships that pass in the night. Despite the challenges of juggling work and home life we are very aware that we are fortunate that we both have jobs we enjoy and haven’t suffered financially as a result of the pandemic.

Although this is my experience I know there are many teachers in our church family and inevitably they will be juggling too - especially those with school aged children.

Prayer points:

• pray for vulnerable children who live in West Cumbria and the staff who continue to try and support them and their families during school closures.

• pray for the wider re-openings of schools that all schools are safe, have enough PPE and that staff, students and their families are safe.

• finally a personal request - pray for school staff who have children themselves and are having to juggle, some days are just tough and prayers would be very much appreciated.

Personally, I would just like to thank those people who have jobs that support schools. I had had offers of help and support from NISCU, local vicars and many others. I am also so grateful to friends who have dropped off cakes, flowers and shopping - it has always been appreciated, made tough days easier and put a smile on my face!

Church@Work Zoom - Maz Weir

Like a lot of things over the last couple of months our most recent get together for Church@Work was a bit different. Sadly we didn’t get to enjoy our normal brunch together but we did get to meet across the wonder that is Zoom and to catch up about the different challenges we each have faced over the last couple of months.

To hear of all that has been happening in the local NHS, Education, Manufacturing and Legal system gave a real insight into the massive changes we have all been facing but it was also so encouraging to hear of all that God has been doing during these times. We were challenged about what Ruth had shared at church a few weeks before about knocking on doors which maybe have been closed but now may be opening.

It was good to pray together about what the realities of coming out of lockdown and what challenges we and others in our workplace might face as we move forward. It felt like a very blessed time and a real sense that even though everything around us may be shaken, our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. What a promise to hold to?!

News from NISCU - Ruth Smith

On Friday March 20th school buildings across the country were formally closed to the majority of students and staff. Back in those early days of the coronavirus pandemic there were many questions - “How long would schools remain closed?” “What about students due to take exams this summer?” and for me as a NISCU Schools Worker “How would schools work look in this new uncertain situation?”

It soon became apparent that NISCU schools work would have to change for the time being. The majority of NISCU staff have since been on furlough, to safeguard our resources for the time when we can be back in schools. However, I have been privileged to be able to continue working with volunteers from the NISCU puppet teams, and to maintain contact with our local schools and church partners. During this time the work of NISCU has been most visible through the daily videos on our YouTube channel for the primary-age children we would normally see in our lessons, assemblies and clubs. It has been encouraging to hear of local schools using them to support their RE teaching and Collective Worship, for children both in school and at home. By the end of term we will have posted 86 daily videos, with weekly ‘Summer Specials’ planned for the school holidays. This is the home of ‘NISCU Primary Videos’ – please feel free to share the link with any families you know who may be interested.

Behind the scenes, we have also been working on other materials, including a ‘Moving Up’ lesson for Year 6 pupils, and some resources for both primary and secondary schools. There are still many unanswered questions about how our school communities will get back to something resembling ‘normal’, but there are also many things we can continue to pray for. At Kings Church we have always valued Schools Work as part of our Impact in the community, and many of us have been involved in different ways. Please continue to pray for the work of NISCU, for all the children and young people who have been affected by the disruption to their education, and for the dedicated teachers and other staff.

who continue to support their student’s learning and wellbeing, whether in school or at home. The NISCU team would like to invite you to join in with our ‘Week of Vision and Prayer’ (12th – 18th July) where there will be a number of prayer-based activities that you can engage with throughout the week (details tbc). In particular, all friends and supporters of NISCU are invited to our online ‘Annual Team Day’ on Monday 13th July (10-11.30am), where there will be opportunities to catch up with more ‘News from NISCU’, and pray for our school communities at this time. For more details, or if you would like to receive our regular prayer letters and updates, please contact Ruth



More Social Media highlights:

Terry Virgo takes us on a powerful journey seeing The Holy Spirit at work in the early church. Well worth a watch! Click here.

Mike Reeves quotes Jonathan Edwards, the great preacher and scholar in 18th Century revival onTwitter…

'The strength of the good soldier of Jesus Christ appears in steadfastly maintaining the holy calm, meekness, sweetness, and benevolence of his mind, amidst all the storms, injuries, strange behaviour and surprising acts and events of this evil and unreasonable world …'

Pastoral Encouragements:

Pastoral Enouragement (26th June 2020) Click here.

Music Suggestions:

Have a listen to the King's Church playlists:

Why not have a listen to King's Church album of the week suggested by Becca Dunlop to try out something different and new?

Awake by Hillsong Worship

With a 30+ year history and legacy of live worship albums, “Awake” is Hillsong Worship’s first studio album in almost two decades. Hillsong Worship has always represented the ‘sound’ of Hillsong Church. The opportunity to capture and express that through studio recordings was a catalyst for a sonic experience that is utterly true to the spirit and legacy of Hillsong Church whilst being significantly unique in the current worship music landscape. The songs of “Awake” rouse the listener. Community, humanity and divinity tangibly inform the sounds across the record as worship leaders voices are set against everything from harps to horn ensembles; synths to human percussion; spontaneous worship, small vocal ensembles and big choir to soaring guitars and the rustling, rumbling texture of intercession.


The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis

For centuries people have been tormented by one question above all – ‘If God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow his creatures to suffer pain?’ And what of the suffering of animals, who neither deserve pain nor can be improved by it? The greatest Christian thinker of our time sets out to disentangle this knotty issue. With his signature wealth of compassion and insight, C.S. Lewis offers answers to these crucial questions and shares his hope and wisdom to help heal a world hungry for a true understanding of human nature.

10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Stories of faith, hope and thankfulness inspired by the worship anthem. "10,000 Reasons" reveals the stories beyond the well-known church anthem, fusing global worship leader Matt Redman's own encounters of God with those from believers throughout the ages. In just four years, "10,000 Reasons" has become one of the church s most popular modern worship anthems in times of triumph as well as trial. In this book, global worship leader Matt Redman connects the dots between singing the song and living the life. In addition to sharing details behind the song s creation, this book takes readers beyond the song. Matt explores the influences and experiences that have taught him how to trust God in all situations from his own personal trials to stories of hymn writers like John Wesley as well from current and ancient heroes of our faith."


Dates for the Diary:

2:30pm or 3:30pm, 1st of July - Jubilee+ Zoom Meeting: Impact of coronavirus on frontline staff - for more info or to book Click Here.

7:30pm, 1st July – Churches Together in Cockermouth Area Online Celebration – via King’s Church Youtube Channel

8-9pm, 12th July - Sunday Night Bible Study - meets second Sunday of every month via zoom, if you would like to join in, please contact Lisa and Martin

2:30pm or 3:30pm, 8th July - Jubilee+ Zoom Meeting: Where will be in Autumn? - for more info or to book on Click Here.

2:30pm or 3:30pm, 15th July - Jubilee+ Zoom Meeting: Beyond handouts - helping people out of poverty- for more info or to book on Click Here.

2:30pm or 3:30pm, 22nd July - Jubilee+ Zoom Meeting: Church, poverty & power - prayer gathering- for more info or to book on Click Here.

Weekly Meetings:

Mondays - 7-8pm - Mobilise Youth (school years 6-9) via Zoom

Mondays 8-9pm - Move Youth (school years 10-13) via Zoom

Wednesdays 8-9pm - Prayer for Revivial via WhatsApp

Thursdays 7-8am - Church Prayer Meeting via Zoom

Sundays 11am - Sunday Church Service via Zoom or YouTube

For more info about any of these events, please contact:

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